Senior Software Engineer, Backend

Raleigh, North Carolina, United States · Software Development

Description is a Raleigh, NC based startup looking for a high-quality Senior Backend Engineer to join the team and help us continue to improve the Industrial IOT market. We are looking for someone passionate about their work and who can be a big part of a small team. Someone who can be counted on to continue driving us forward. This particular opening is core to what we do here at, which is taking data from numerous different sources and organizing it in a way that is useful for our customers. The scale at which we are doing this is growing every day and we need talented individuals who are ready to take on the challenge of not only helping us keep up with the pace, but also to continuously improve the system. We are not the kind of startup that expects you to work insane hours or sleep at your desk, but we do need someone who understands how a startup works and is willing to be a part of a (sometimes) crazy ride.




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